Quality Control

Each tool undergoes a trial run for several
hours under regular operating conditions.

Customer Service

"Quality means satisfied customers." Of course, this motto remains in force even after delivery and commissioning of our tools no matter where in the world you are. Whenever you need us, we will be right there. Count on that!

Quality Control...

… plays an important role during all design and
production stages. Each and every employee working
in our team has internalised the quality issue thus
rendering an essential contribution to the constantly high standard of our moulds.

Another thing that is absolutely essential: optical and tactile 3D measuring systems used in air-conditioned rooms for preparing
initial sample test reports and measurement logs
of individual tool components. Furthermore, accurate
verification of parts with respect to leakage, torque,
forces required for tearing up, tearing off or opening is
done by default in our company.

Each tool undergoes a trial run for several hours under
regular operating conditions. Not before the parts produced exactly meet the requirements, the tool is released. On top of that, as a basic principle, a final inspection is performed before the tool is despatched, possibly including the part-way disassembly of the tool.


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WIRO sets milestones in tool making, for instance by developing sophisticated cooling and de-moulding systems, the use of special steels and coatings, guaranteed cycle times, complete documentation and offering unique allaround service.

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